Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poem by Josh Adams

Walking into this room
Staring around so lost and confused
Hating the fact that you’re not here
Every photo on the wall is a reminder of you

Loved having you around
Especially the way you could bring me up from down
The jokes you told and the looks you gave
The friends you made and the life you lived

Amazed by the impact you had on my life
Only regrets is that our time was cut so short
Wanting you to know that your my hero
Amazed by your comic-book superpowers

Wished there's more I could have done
But now I know your goin’ to be there to meet everyone
At Heaven’s gates with that same amazing smile on your face
Makes me feel comfort knowing you’re watching over us

You proved the fact that life is too short
But you also showed me how to live it to the fullest
That fearless look in your eye is like a tattoo on my heart
A memory that will never fade or be erased

By Josh Adams (3-23-2010)

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