Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Micah's Fight Against Cancer (August 2009)

I know that everybody is going to wonder what I’m thinking with this whole cancer thing, and I guess mom did too because she asked me to write something for the newsletter. Here is my take on the whole thing.

We as human beings were created by God to worship and glorify Him. It is what we are designed to do. God also has had a plan for us since before we were born. Apparently one of His plans for my life is that I was to fight cancer. This is so that I can glorify and serve Him in some way. I do not know what this way is. What He is doing, I’m sure, my simple mind cannot fathom. God is all-knowing and I am not. That is the plain and simple truth. He is going to be GREATLY glorified through me fighting cancer. Not because I’m some great person, but because He is a great, mighty, and a totally awesome God. God has my life in His hands, and He can do whatever He thinks best. I mean that with absolute sincerity. Yes I know…. this sounds like the best “ churchy” answer anybody could think of, but I want you to know that this came straight from my heart. God has given me these words to say to you. I hope you take them and get out of them what God wanted you to. Please keep me in your prayers, and I will thank you right now for them.

My mom just told me that a lot of people have asked her how I am doing, so I’m going to write a little bit on that and some facts about the cancer. I am doing fine and have a great peace about the whole thing. The parents flipped worse then I did. I have some pain in my rib sometimes but not too bad at all. Here are some facts about my cancer:
It is Ewing’s sarcoma and is a type of bone cancer that generally affects people from the ages 10-20.
It is an aggressive cancer so everybody needs to be aggressive in his or her prayers.
It is on my left 10th rib
I am completely changing my diet, so if you make me food I probably can’t eat it… very sad I know.

As I said before please keep praying for me. Specifically, His will needs to be done in my life, and for strength to endure all about to come. Thank you.

Your brother in Christ,
Micah Ramsey

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