Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brief Biography of Micah

Micah was a young man who knew and loved God for his entire life. His parents do not remember when he actually “came to Christ”, but just recall that his heart was always toward the Lord and His Word. Micah’s family served as missionaries in Central West Virginia. Micah served for over 40 weeks in his young life on mission projects, and eagerly worked like a man. He loved God, his family, friends, and “the least of these” with a pure heart. Many who knew Micah state that he was an angel, but he was not. While he did stumble and even fall at times from a perfect life, he always quickly repented and received God’s grace and forgiveness.
As he returned home from his final mission trip at Indian Crow Reservation in Montana, his parents told him of his tumor. July 27, Micah was diagnosed with Ewings’ Sarcoma – the fastest growing cancer that exists. For a few minutes he staggered at the declaration of this terminal illness, then he prayed an asked God for His help. Micah spent the next 20 weeks living life to the fullest, and glorifying God with all his might. He did take the time to write out his thoughts, and these were published in the local paper, internet, and even translated into foreign languages to encourage believers in other countries. While this excited him, he humbly stated that it was a privilege to suffer if that could bring glory to God and lead others to His love.
A portion of the statements that Micah made for the world to see and glorify the One he trusted in so much read, "We as human beings were created by God to worship and glorify Him. It is what we are designed to do. God also has had a plan for us since before we were born. God is all-knowing and I am not. That is the plain and simple truth. He is going to be glorified through me, not because I am some great person, but because He is a great, mighty, and totally awesome God!"
During the final weeks, as Micah’s body quickly declined due to the massive tumor that consumed the majority of the left side of his body, he continued to not flinch nor be moved at the impending possibility that his life would soon end upon earth. He continue to worship God at his local church, smile a lot, say “please”, “thank you”, and “I love you” to those who visited and cared for him. Micah had undaunted courage as he slipped into eternity without a fear; but with absolute trust in the fact that God created him for a purpose, and that purpose was to worship and glorify His precious Saviour.
Micah quietly went to be with Jesus on December 12, 2009 just a few days before his sixteenth birthday. His final words to his Dad just moments before his passing were, “Dad, I want to stand up!” As this statement epitomizes Micah’s young life, his parents feel that they will carry on his legacy and honor his last words by telling Micah’s story to anyone who will listen. To God, alone, be the glory!

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