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"Found A Christian By His Grace" reviews "MICAH"

Micah's Story.
Written by Faith F. at 4:50 PM on 2/12/2013

I am so blessed to have read this book. Thank you to the Ramsey family for sharing Micah's story.

Micah Ramsey was a loving son and brother in his family on earth and is a passionate son of His Father in Heaven.
Living for God, his Family and his Friends was his life.

At the age of five this is what he wrote about his littlest sister. "JOYBIRD. I Love her, and kiss her. I tied her shoe yesterday. I like her little smiles and I give her lots of hugs. She goes to sleep on my lap, and I like that." 
He truly did love Joy- in fact his mother worried that little Micah was going to rub the skin off his sister from too much hugging! 

His love for his mother was shown visibly and verbally.
When Micah was a small boy he wrote his mom a note telling her that without her, his family would be the tower of Babel.
One day while Micah was practicing algebra he wrote his mother a note in big letters inside a heart is "I Love Mommy~ Micah" His mother tells us "He was fifteen years old, and I am blessed." And we are blessed too, because she shared this with us. So sweet, so loving, so Micah.

About his Dad he wrote "My dad is a Christian. he is grounded in the word. If you get up in the morning about seven o' clock you will see him reading his Bible and praying to God. I am very thankful for having a Christian dad that can teach me how to understand the Bible and comprehend what God is trying to tell me. I just hope I can be as grounded in the word and have such a deep relationship with God as he does. To put it in a nutshell, he's the best dad in the world and I am proud to be called his son."

Photos testify more to what Micah loved: his Family.
One of the happiest photos in the book is Micah with his sister Charity, being goofy together. Micah shared a deep bond with Charity. Lots of teasing and lots of Love. He shared a deep bond with all of his family- Joy, Charity and Jeremiah his older brother.
Micah loved his family. When they were young they were home schooled, they did all of life together. They worshiped God together and ministered together. They went hunting and on mission trips. When Micah went to Braxton County High School, he was delighted to play football with Jeremiah.

Micah loved to study Scripture and read his Bible. Prayer for him was talking to a friend. A Friend who would help him when he failed. A Friend who could forgive him when he sinned. A Friend who gave him love to give to others. Micah loved to teach his friends and family from God's Word. Once when he taught he wrote "Does getting up twenty minutes early hurt? There are people who would be willing to die to get a Bible, and we have them everywhere. In some places people die for reading a Bible and we won't pick one up for ten minutes. Are we giving God our personal best?"

Those closest to Micah knew from when he was a baby that God had a plan for this young man. God's presence in his life was evident to everyone, from his teammates on the football field to the elderly lady whose hill he mowed. He never wanted to miss a chance to lead someone to Christ, and his notes were filled with names of people he prayed for.

Micah had a heart so full of worship that he sang out loud. While he mowed Mrs. Hacker's hill, he sang worship music that he listened to on his ipod. Her neighbors could hear him singing with his heart full of praise. He would mow for ten hours, and when he needed a break he would walk down to Mrs. Hacker's porch talk to her while he cooled off. That is one of my favorite stories in this book.

His siblings in Christ who never met him in person are given a look into his heart in this book his mother wrote. This book is full of Faith, trusting Faith. The tests he endured cause grown people to tremble, yet he held God's hand and followed Jesus through his battle into God's arms. He was a source of strength to those who watched him, because God was His Strength.
   Micah brought God glory as he fought Ewing's sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer.

   Micah lived 20 weeks battling this cancer, and died at home beside his father on December 12, 2009.

This is how he lived: "he lived for Christ with incredible joy, peace, and hope."

Mrs. Ramsey's words were so beautiful when she wrote about Micah's death. These words show us her heart for God and her love for her son.  'While the Lord allowed me to weep and mourn my loss, He encouraged me with the reality of  Micah's gain. I poured over verses explaining that our brief stay on earth is full of difficulties and sorrow; however, because of Jesus, eternal Life is the hope we have to spend life in Heaven with our LORD. The realization that Micah had arrived was a liberating thought. He had not lost his fight against cancer, but rather he had won the final victory. Death did not stop his life, but now he was living without sin in the presence of our Holy God who prepared his soul for eternity. God had not taken anything away from Micah, but He had given Micah eternal life through the death of His own Precious Son."
So True.

We are blessed because we have seen Micah's and his family's faith lived out in this story. As Micah would say, "Not because I am some great person, but because God is a Great, Mighty and a totally awesome God." Blessings to the Ramseys for telling Micah's story and thank you to Bookcrash for sending me this book.

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