Sunday, January 6, 2013


This book was so heartfelt! The events of this story are almost unbelievable, but yet it is all true. Micah was an amazing teenager, full of God, and full of life. Then, the unthinkable. Micah was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, one that would take his life in only three short months. This book is written by his mother, who does a wonderful job of describing Micah's life, and his battle with death. The amazing thing about this book, and what makes it unique, is that Micah shows supernatural understanding and peace regarding his situation. His mother shows the reader the amazing life and personality of this boy, and how he "finished well." I was blown away by the stories about his understanding of God and of life, even at a very young age. It is very obvious that this boy was unlike no other, and not just because his mother thought so. This book shows the reader that you can experience God in an amazing, over the top way - and have total peace and joy in the life that God has planned for you (even if it means a very short life). There are so many words to describe this story and this book - inspiring, eye opening, convicting, amazing... and I could go on. This book is not just another grieving parent recounting a life lost - this is a story of hope. This book will make you re-evaluate your own life. How you live, speak, and think will all be re-analyzed once you finish this book. Don't pass up this book. Read it, and be transformed!

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