Monday, November 12, 2012 ~ Review of "MICAH"

I was so touched by your book.  Here's a copy of what I wrote on amazon and posted on my site:

This is a rare jewel of a story covered with tears, joy and sobering faith. From the heart of a mother whose sole aim is to honor Jesus, remember her son, and heal the broken hearted.  From the wilderness of loss to the joys of spiritual celebration, a mother's heart is on display for the world to see.

This book is a stirring presentation that pain is real, hope is a roller coaster, and God is on the throne.  There is a difference between playing a Christian and being one.  Through all the maze of hurt, sorrow and sadness, a brighter picture appears.  Micah and his family show us that God's faithfulness is greater than our sadness.  

As I was digesting the inspiration of this book, I cried, prayed, and praised The Lord!  I also thanked Him for Micah's awesome family who guided Micah's salvation experience. How blessed Micah was to be surrounded by godly conversations, solid spiritual values, and a Christ-filled family.

Don't be afraid to buy this book, but rather, run to it with open arms, praising Jesus for every valley and mountain that you discover.  After reading this book, you will not remain unchanged.  You will also gain the understanding that in this life, we are just passing through.  Micah, thank you for leaving us an example to follow.  Our reunions in Heaven will forever be changed!
Pastor Don

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