Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recent endorsements on the book "MICAH"


“Micah – The legacy of a young man glorifying God in life and death” has been published by Xulon Press. Micah’s mom, Dani Ramsey, has produced this book to tell the story about the young man who’s life as well as his fight against cancer has challenged many. Micah Ramsey passed away December 12, 2009, while he was a sophomore attending Braxton County High School. His legacy continues to live on in the hearts of many in our community and around the world.

Those who have previewed inspirational story have this to say:

“Dani, you are a gifted writer. I was completely drawn into your journey! I cannot complement you enough! Your words are inspired and filled with His presence! I sense so many similarities between our sons’ stories, and yet they are so very different. God is truly using Micah through the ripple effect.”
~ Brent Higgins ~
Author of “I Would Die for You”
~ The BJ Higgins Story

“You and the Lord have woven an incredibly touching work that I know is going to impact many people very deeply. You are an incredible writer!! So gifted... I'm amazed at how well you tell a story, and tie your thoughts together so beautifully.”
~ Christine Boyd ~
Women’s Minister

“MICAH is one of the best books I have ever read.”… “I just couldn’t put it down”… “very inspirational”… everyone should read this book… “WOW!”
~ Various Readers’ Comments ~

If you would like a preview, go to: micahramseyoutreach.com where you can read the first chapter online.

Individuals and churches may order a book by ordering directly from the website and paying online. The price is $14 per book (this includes shipping - if necessary). If you prefer snail mail, write: Micah Ramsey Outreach, PO Box 180, Rosedale, WV 26636.

Wholesale purchases are available with a 40% discount through Spring Arbor Book Distributors and Xulon Press. Retail value is $15.99, and books are fully returnable to each distributor. ISBN: 9781622303427

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