Thursday, January 26, 2012

What it Takes to be a Hero - by a 4th Grader @ BCMS

Some people may ask what a true hero is. Some people believe that true heroes are the ones in a comic book. I believe that true heroes are people who go above and beyond what is expected. They can also be someone who does not care what people say and strive to do their best.
I am going to tell you the story of my hero, Micah Ramsey.

Micah Ramsey was diagnosed with cancer when was very young. He had a positive outlook throughout those days even though nobody had ever survived this type of cancer. He believed that God would help him through.

As the years went on Micah seemed to get worse and worse. He eventually broke the record for longest lived person with this type of cancer. Micah seemed at an all-time-low in health after a couple of months. He still even believed that God would help him through. The doctors sent Micah home. That night Micah’s arms and legs were about the size of quarters. His tumor was the size of a football. That night, against all odds, Micah stood! In that moment, when he was praising God, Micah Ramsey died.

Some people may say, “Why is your hero a person killed by cancer?” That is only half of the story. Micah Ramsey was a fighter. He never gave up. Even in his dying moment he praised the Lord. Micah Ramsey IS a true hero. He IS because his spirit lives with the Lord. When I die, don’t cry. I’m going to be with the Lord and Micah!

Written by a 4th Grader in Braxton Middle School—9/14/2011

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